Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Media Evaluation 7

Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

When i look back to my preliminary task, I feel i have learnt a great deal about the software we were using and also the web servers which were avaliable if i would have wanted to make our website fully functional and visible to all internet users.

The software me and the rest of the class used to make our websites was, Iweb. It is designed to create websites from scratch however, there are templates avaliable but we were unable to use these as our websites had to be our own work made from scratch. This made making the website alot harder but at the same time it allowed us to learn how to use Iweb for ourselves which was of course a challenge to start with but over a duration of time our knowledge of the software increase making it easier and easier over time.

Also, I feel i have developed the skills and experience to be able to create a successful, fully functioning aesthetically pleasing website. We have had to do alot of research on other websites which are linked to our topic since the preliminary task. This allowed us to learn which was the best ways to make our website asthetically pleasing but at the same time very informative. The process as a whole made me realise how hard it is to create a fully functioning website. I have also learned one of the most important things is to be clear about who your target audience are and what the product hopes to achieve. We learned the hard way by not focusing on getting this right in the first draft and we had to spend a lot of time redrafting.


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  2. 7. In the progression from the first site to the second one, you have to reflect the research that you did, the software and computer systems, the way that the World Wide Web works. There needs to be detail in what you do - and supporting evidence in screen shots. You've written an account of the work which is so short that the examiner isn't going to find much to give your marks for.
    6. iWeb and Photoshop are very important. A comment like 'pictures look satisfying' isn;t enough. The exam board wants evidence in the form of annotated screen shots to show where you have used software effectively and improved the appearance of your site.
    Once that has been done, you need to consider all the other technology that is used in the web - photography, video, sound, servers, streaming, the World Wide Web.
    5 and 4: There isn't a survey that goes with this, and that means you have no evidence to support what you say. Your survey must have identified your audience, and given you a clear idea of what they would like to see.
    The calm, simple colours is good (pasty?). But how did you take this into account? What makes a picture "cute"? You have to provide evidence.
    3. The media institution that will distribute your media product is the World Wide Web. Apache is software, and just a part of the chain. You can't 'publish' through Google, but you can have Google 'crawl' the site so that it comes up in a search. This needs that you look at all parts of the chain of distribution for a website - ie the hardware, software and the companies that provide this.
    2. The social groups will have been identified by your survey, so your survey must be up to date with pie charts that can be used to explain the social groups.
    1. Most of the evidence you need is in screen shots, so get them into this. You've got quite a lot of early pictures that have been annotated and they need to be seen alongside this.

    Main tasks: 1. Get the survey done. 2. Do the video work. 3. Get pictures into the blog. 4. Read the following list and make sure you have everything.

    These are your AS Blogspot posts
    1. Review
    2. Website analysis and review
    3. Survey starter
    4. Media brief
    5. Website annotations
    6. Improved brief
    7. Young and Rubicam survey result and comment
    8. Website research findings
    9. Main survey

    followed by the seven points (you must read and use Seven point evaluation)

    10 i. In what ways . . . conventions
    11. ii. Represent social groups
    12. iii. Who is your audience
    13. iv. How do you attract an audience
    14. v. Website distribution
    15. vi. What have you learned about technology
    16. vii. What have you learned in the progression from first site to main site.

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