Friday, 24 April 2009

Media Evaluation 3

What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?
There are a lot of things that will have to be considered after the designing of the campaign website is complete. The disribution of your website will have to be thought of carefully, how it will target the audience and then be successful. Also, funding is essential for it to go onto the world wide web and of course, you will need to find a suitable web address to use.

A domain name is what people will search in a browser to find a specific website. To purchase a domain name you must first think of a name which would best describe your website. Usually website names are fairly short or catchy so the audience remember it.

Web hosting is used to publish websites on the Internet. If you make a website and want people to be able to view it then you must upload it on a web hosting service so people search for your website and then view it. You can use many things from web hosting; From personal designed websites just for fun to online shopping websites. Without a web hosting service people will not be able to view your site.

When your website is going live onto the world wide web, a live search team will be needed to make sure your website will come high in the listings when key words are typed into specifc search engines, this will make your website more visible therefore, hopefully more people will view it.

Apache will be the web server we will use to publish our website. As Apache seems to be to be the most frequently used web server on the Internet, with a high reputation which also means its one of the most successful web servers avaliable. The research gathered when searching for websites such as that Apache would be the sever that came more frequently therefore making it a moree reliable server.

We will have the website published through google as the service they provide can make our website visible and easier to find therefore this will make our website larger and more well known, hopefully providing us with more hits than if we had used another search engine this will lead to the success of our website. The way the website will be visible on the Internet is to go on to Google and type into the search box 'how to make my website visible on google' and then click on the first link which appears, then i will click the link that reads, which will then take me to the page where i will be able to make my website visible for Internet users.

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  1. Re-write with the INSTITUTION knowledge you have from Q1B prep. Also include the info you already have from your ' distribution' post