Monday, 27 April 2009

Media Evaluation 6

What have you learned from technologies from the process of constructing this website?

I would like to think i have learnt lot from constructing my media product, these things i have learnt will be able to help me make corrections to my website and also improve it. These things i have learnt such as, being able to use Iweb on an apple mac will all be very useful in the future.

However, Being able to use Iweb has been of great use throughtout the period of making our website because if me and my partner both agree that we feel something doesnt work for example, the layout, pictures and even changing different fonts. We can easily change this now due to our knowledge and experience of using Iweb.

Another key component i have learnt is being able to use photoshop as before i was unaware of even being able crop pictures. However, now i can crop pictures, change the lighting and also being able to use to magic tool effectively which is extremely useful when making pictures look satisfying. These are all very useful when making a successful website because when you become more experience with these features they become less time consuming which can help with other aspects of your website. For example making it aesthetically pleasing which i feel is one the main features for a website with a young audience.


  1. Could be more specific about how you used iWeb....

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