Sunday, 26 April 2009

Media Evaluation 5

How did you attract/address your audience?

We attracted our audience in the most influential and sterotypical ways such as, through the use of colours. We attracted our target audience by using simple, calm and pasty colours such as, light browns and yellows which are asthetically pleasing to our audience. Another reason why we choose these specific colours were because they interact with the other components for example, the pictures of horses we took. Pictures are very important in attracting your audience and we took this into account, we thought the most successful way to attract and persuade our audience would be the through the use of relatively cute pictures. Which explains why most of our pictures are fairly cute.

Another feature which is important to attracting and addressing your audience is the mode of address and chosen fonts. We used very simple language as our target audience is predominately young girls so the language couldnt be too complex. The fonts link in with the chosen colours, the fonts are mainly calm and clear although they are large so they stand out and catch the audience's eye.

The positioning of the pictures and writing have been set out in a conventional charity website syle as we didnt want it too be too complicated for a younger audience. The links to other pages and website have been labled very clearly so our target audience do not struggle with using the techniqual use of the website, this will also make the website more effiecent and alot easier to use satisfying our audience.

Our website also features a picture slide show on the dront page to draw the view in and this is also a persuasive technique to persuade the viewer to carry on searching through the website and hopefully leading to a donation.


After receiving feedback from our class and from the teacher we decided to look at the design and layout of our website again and try to make it more clear about who we are trying to target. We would like to mainly target a young audience, specifically female children who can persuade their parents to sign up and donate. Our first design didn't make this clear and when asked who the website was for most people replied that they thought it was for adults and so we realised we had not been successful in targeting our audience. We made changes to the banner at the top of the page to make it more appealing to children and the large sunshine also clearly connotes the idea of happiness for the animals. The navigation buttons are now in a wooden western design which also adds fun to the page. We've been able to take some of our orginal ideas and more carefully target the site to an audience.

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