Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Media Evaluation 7

Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

When i look back to my preliminary task, I feel i have learnt a great deal about the software we were using and also the web servers which were avaliable if i would have wanted to make our website fully functional and visible to all internet users.

The software me and the rest of the class used to make our websites was, Iweb. It is designed to create websites from scratch however, there are templates avaliable but we were unable to use these as our websites had to be our own work made from scratch. This made making the website alot harder but at the same time it allowed us to learn how to use Iweb for ourselves which was of course a challenge to start with but over a duration of time our knowledge of the software increase making it easier and easier over time.

Also, I feel i have developed the skills and experience to be able to create a successful, fully functioning aesthetically pleasing website. We have had to do alot of research on other websites which are linked to our topic since the preliminary task. This allowed us to learn which was the best ways to make our website asthetically pleasing but at the same time very informative. The process as a whole made me realise how hard it is to create a fully functioning website. I have also learned one of the most important things is to be clear about who your target audience are and what the product hopes to achieve. We learned the hard way by not focusing on getting this right in the first draft and we had to spend a lot of time redrafting.

Monday, 27 April 2009

Media Evaluation 6

What have you learned from technologies from the process of constructing this website?

I would like to think i have learnt lot from constructing my media product, these things i have learnt will be able to help me make corrections to my website and also improve it. These things i have learnt such as, being able to use Iweb on an apple mac will all be very useful in the future.

However, Being able to use Iweb has been of great use throughtout the period of making our website because if me and my partner both agree that we feel something doesnt work for example, the layout, pictures and even changing different fonts. We can easily change this now due to our knowledge and experience of using Iweb.

Another key component i have learnt is being able to use photoshop as before i was unaware of even being able crop pictures. However, now i can crop pictures, change the lighting and also being able to use to magic tool effectively which is extremely useful when making pictures look satisfying. These are all very useful when making a successful website because when you become more experience with these features they become less time consuming which can help with other aspects of your website. For example making it aesthetically pleasing which i feel is one the main features for a website with a young audience.

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Media Evaluation 5

How did you attract/address your audience?

We attracted our audience in the most influential and sterotypical ways such as, through the use of colours. We attracted our target audience by using simple, calm and pasty colours such as, light browns and yellows which are asthetically pleasing to our audience. Another reason why we choose these specific colours were because they interact with the other components for example, the pictures of horses we took. Pictures are very important in attracting your audience and we took this into account, we thought the most successful way to attract and persuade our audience would be the through the use of relatively cute pictures. Which explains why most of our pictures are fairly cute.

Another feature which is important to attracting and addressing your audience is the mode of address and chosen fonts. We used very simple language as our target audience is predominately young girls so the language couldnt be too complex. The fonts link in with the chosen colours, the fonts are mainly calm and clear although they are large so they stand out and catch the audience's eye.

The positioning of the pictures and writing have been set out in a conventional charity website syle as we didnt want it too be too complicated for a younger audience. The links to other pages and website have been labled very clearly so our target audience do not struggle with using the techniqual use of the website, this will also make the website more effiecent and alot easier to use satisfying our audience.

Our website also features a picture slide show on the dront page to draw the view in and this is also a persuasive technique to persuade the viewer to carry on searching through the website and hopefully leading to a donation.


After receiving feedback from our class and from the teacher we decided to look at the design and layout of our website again and try to make it more clear about who we are trying to target. We would like to mainly target a young audience, specifically female children who can persuade their parents to sign up and donate. Our first design didn't make this clear and when asked who the website was for most people replied that they thought it was for adults and so we realised we had not been successful in targeting our audience. We made changes to the banner at the top of the page to make it more appealing to children and the large sunshine also clearly connotes the idea of happiness for the animals. The navigation buttons are now in a wooden western design which also adds fun to the page. We've been able to take some of our orginal ideas and more carefully target the site to an audience.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Media Evaluation 4

Who would be the audience for your media product?

The specific audience who we aim to target our website at are young girls, house riders and horse owners mainly because that is who our website is most suited for. This is because our website provides such as, how to goom and care for your horses. We also feel if we aim our website at young girls we will be able to recieve the most donations as they are the audience which are most likely to be really interested in horses and want to care for them and make sure they are safe. They are also the most likely to use 'pester power' to persuade their parents to sign up and make a donation or get involved.

Friday, 24 April 2009

Media Evaluation 3

What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?
There are a lot of things that will have to be considered after the designing of the campaign website is complete. The disribution of your website will have to be thought of carefully, how it will target the audience and then be successful. Also, funding is essential for it to go onto the world wide web and of course, you will need to find a suitable web address to use.

A domain name is what people will search in a browser to find a specific website. To purchase a domain name you must first think of a name which would best describe your website. Usually website names are fairly short or catchy so the audience remember it.

Web hosting is used to publish websites on the Internet. If you make a website and want people to be able to view it then you must upload it on a web hosting service so people search for your website and then view it. You can use many things from web hosting; From personal designed websites just for fun to online shopping websites. Without a web hosting service people will not be able to view your site.

When your website is going live onto the world wide web, a live search team will be needed to make sure your website will come high in the listings when key words are typed into specifc search engines, this will make your website more visible therefore, hopefully more people will view it.

Apache will be the web server we will use to publish our website. As Apache seems to be to be the most frequently used web server on the Internet, with a high reputation which also means its one of the most successful web servers avaliable. The research gathered when searching for websites such as www.wikipedia.com that Apache would be the sever that came more frequently therefore making it a moree reliable server.

We will have the website published through google as the service they provide can make our website visible and easier to find therefore this will make our website larger and more well known, hopefully providing us with more hits than if we had used another search engine this will lead to the success of our website. The way the website will be visible on the Internet is to go on to Google and type into the search box 'how to make my website visible on google' and then click on the first link which appears, then i will click the link that reads www.google.com/addurl.html, which will then take me to the page where i will be able to make my website visible for Internet users.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Media Evaluation 2

How does your media product represent particular social groups?
When we were planning and taking our photos we had to think carefully about how these images represent our charity and the issue. We wanted to show what our charity was doing for the horses and how they are happy in our care. It's a convention of charity websites to represent the social group/animals they are helping in this way. Some people might expect that you would see shocking pictures of the issue to persuade people to help but we found through our research that that charities only seemed to do this in their advertising, not on the sites. As we wanted to follow conventions, we too used photography which denoted happy and healthy animals in our care. Below is a slideshow which shows a few of our photos we took for the website:

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Media Website Evaluation 1

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

My charity website uses many of the basic conventions of other similar websites. The layout of my home page is fairly similar to other charity websites such as; www.horsetrust.org.com with the links to other pages clearly placed at the top of the page and with a very large, visible logo in the top left hand corner. The colours used on our website seem to be very calm and passive using light yellow’s and brown’s this is done to build a suitable and passive atmosphere. Although, its hard not to follow the conventions with a simple charity website because many of the photos taken will look very similar because all the websites have the same purpose- to persuade the audience to donate money.

However, I feel we have developed these conventions greatly to make them unique to our own website. For example, the introduction to our website is not just to introduce to website but it is also to build a rapport with our audience to make them seem welcome as our audience being slightly younger than other horse charity websites. Therefore, the language we use is not as complex and is slightly more simple and persuasive to draw the reader into our website.

I feel we have certainly challenged the conventions the make our website different to others and our own creation. The pictures we tried to use were not just really depressing but we did use others to make the horses seem delightful and pretty as we felt this would be more suitable to a younger audience and also more effective. Also, the colours used in our website was mainly very light and calm colours this was done to build a certain atmosphere and it also fits in with the website theme.

Some comparisons can be made between our website and other charity websites such as, similar page layouts, some pictures which have the same purpose and some of the colours used are fairly comparable. However, few charity website layouts can’t be called similar, most having links at the top of the page, a large logo in the left hand corner and then various other things scattered over the page. Although, we did try to make our layout as unique as possible. The pictures are bound to be similar as they’re all of horses however, we did make sure we got various different horses, in different conditions so it wasn’t too dull. The colours we used were again to make a calm and passive atmosphere for the audience.