Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Website research findings

The research i did into websites helped me understand specific structures of similar websites to mine. Most of the websites i researched into had similar conventions such as, layout and how they function. This will have an affect on how i layout my website out and also how it works. These conventions include;

Logo - Mostly the main website logo is placed in the left top corner of the website, this should be where your eye is drawn to first so it should be memorable and also make the name of the company/charity stand out, which is important. Logo's vary from being just a simple picture including a name to a themed animated font with a picture.

Slogan - Not many of the websites i researched had slogans but some do choose to have a catchy slogan underneath their title or by their logo. This can help some people remember the website and even its aim.

Navigation Toolbar - Usually placed at the top of the page underneath the logo or down the left hand side of the page. These are the easiest places to notice it which makes it clear and simple to use. Many websites have contact details placed near the navigation toolbar so it visible.

Bottom of Page - Not a major concern within the structure of websites, but most follow the conventions of just having copyright at the bottom to look professional.

Search Box - These are very popular as they allow people to search more specifically.

Images - Are important is every website as it gives their audience a better understanding and also gives photographic proof of things if needed. Many people are firstly drawn in by the images on a website page so if the images are of a high quality this could be persuasive for audience to donate to their charity.

Colour Schemes - The websites i researched usually stick to no more than 3 main colours for the text, titles and logos. However, more colours can be used within the site for things such as images to add interest and attention.

Language - As the websites i researched do not have the same target audience s as i do there language is different. As they have older target audiences the language they use is a lot more complex where as the language i will use in my website will be simple to suit my audience and also without going into too much detail on things. It is important for charity websites to have persuasive and direct language.

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