Thursday, 12 February 2009

Audience Profile

The website i am designing will appeal to a young audience aged roughly 8-16 years of age, mainly females who are also interested about horses and there living conditions. Through my research and survey results i have realised there are not many charities specifically about horses but aimed at a young female audience. The main cause for my website will be to create a feeling of love and care for the thousands of horses treated badly and living in poor conditions in the United Kingdom.

A charity such as this one, with not much funding relies massively
on donations to keep running and supporting itself. This means that our website will also have to appeal to the parents as they are going to be the ones to give their children money for donations, at this age the parents will be aged roughly between 30-40 and should have a sustainable income to help charities like this. The target audience is 8-16 which is good for generating donations butt should also be accessible to an older audience so they can use the website together to create a website for the whole family.

Usually when a website is looking for donations its main audience will have a high income so they have the luxury to donate to causes like this. The parents of these children should be mature and are well-educated professionals with knowledge and responsibilities these would be the most likely people to give donations are help causes such as this. They would understand the concept and wish to help the animals which are being treated poorly.

In order to attract our specific younger audience the site will feature with bright colours and big pictures to draw the attention of our audience and cause them to enjoy the site. Also, the pictures featured will be very appealing to young girls making the horses look as innocent as possible, this will make them automatically feel some sympathy for the animals. This site will be simple to use so that the target audience do not get confused or struggle to use it alone, however, often they will be with their parents. The language use will be aimed specifically for children, by not being too colloquial or complex this will help the children to understand but also try to help the parents to respect the website as they will be the ones donating.

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