Sunday, 1 February 2009

Media Homework

1. My perceptions of media studies were pretty developed as i studied media at GSCE.
2. The perceptions haven't changed but i know understand that this course is going to be alot harder than GCSE was and it is also going to ask for much more dedication to achieve a high grade.
3. I have already learnt alot and also recapped on many things such as, Camera shots and movements. I have retained simple things like cannotations and denotations. The small piece of written work went okay considering this was the first real peice of work we had done since alot of time off. However, The storyboards didn't go aswell because i was able to watch Hollyoaks again as the server was down.
4. I haven't not understood anything but i would most definately need to recap on alot of things such as the more complex things involving sound and indepth camera movements.
5. I have understood that the sound in films can make a big difference to your thoughts and can help to do things such as, Build a specifc atmosphere or building tension.
6. I appreciated the pure simplicity of Gone Fishing and also the originatlity of it. I think the shortness of the film adds to the originality and also the storyline is very affective and also the shot where the boy comes into focus is intriguing because it really draws the attention of the audience this allows the reader ti fully focus on the boy which is an important part of the film.

By Jack Brennan

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